10l80 transmission problems

General Motors is an innovator of automatic transmissionsintroducing the Hydra-Matic in Through the s, all makers were working on their own automatic transmission, with four more developed inside GM alone. All of GM's early automatic transmissions were replaced by variants of the Turbo-Hydramatic by the s.

The Turbo-Hydramatic was used by all GM divisions, and formed the basis for the company's modern Hydramatic line. The basic rear-wheel drive Turbo-Hydramatic spawned two front-wheel drive variants, the transverse Turbo-Hydramaticand the longitudinal Turbo-Hydramatic A third variant was the light-duty rear wheel drive Turbo-Hydramatic used in many European models. The next-generation transmissions, introduced in the early s, were the electronic Hydra-Matics based on the Turbo-Hydramatic design.

Most early electronic transmissions use the "-E" designator to differentiate them from their non-electronic cousins, but this has been dropped on transmissions with no mechanical version like the new GM 6L80 transmission.

Today, GM uses a simple naming scheme for their transmissions, with the "Hydra-Matic" name used on most automatics across all divisions. Ford led the design of the speed transmission, as well as filing the design patents for said transmission. According to an official report by the SAE Society of Automotive Engineers the design of the speed gearbox is essentially all Ford, while GM was responsible for designing the 9-speed 9T transverse automatic gearbox.

As part of their joint-venture, Ford will let GM use the speed transmission with rights to modify and manufacture it for their own applications. In-exchange for Ford's speed transmission, General Motors will let Ford use its 9-speed transmission for front-wheel drive applications; Ford ultimately declined use of the 9T.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Ate Up With Motor. Retrieved SAE International.

10l80 transmission problems

Retrieved 20 March Archived from the original PDF on General Motors. Platforms Transmissions Hybrids Vehicles.This transmission is part of a joint-venture between Ford Motor Company and General Motors to design and engineer two transmissions, a longitudinal speed transmission and a transverse 9-speed trans-axle. Each company will manufacture its own unique version of the transmissions in their own factories.

A unique triple-clutch assembly on a dedicated intermediate shaft, placed in the middle of the architecture, replaces two ordinary clutches and is the key for packaging the speed trans into the same space as previous transmissions.

A wide gear ratio spread and a lower numerical top gear ratio reduces engine speed at vehicle highway speeds, resulting in improved efficiency. The 8-speed transmission is for comparison purposes to show the sole influence of the triple-clutch arrangement on the improvement in direct comparison to the two replaced normal clutches: which gears remain, which are new and which differ from the 8-speed design.

Therefore, the same 4 planetary gearsets are applied. The manufacturing of an 8-speed transmission with these planetary gearsets is not intended. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved The Truth About Cars. Automotive News. Retrieved 8 July Retrieved 16 July Retrieved 15 July General Motors Powertrain. Retrieved 6 February Retrieved 10 March Categories : Automatic transmission tradenames Ford transmissions General Motors transmissions. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. GM 8L90 Ford 6RThe plaintiff also asserts that the transmission will hold gears for too long, and exhibit power loss while shifting during warmup or when cold. After determining the vehicle was in limp mode, the plaintiff pulled over to disconnect the battery and reset the onboard computer.

Both confirm the 10R80 speed transmission can exhibit harsh or delayed shifts, as well as firmer than normal upshifts and downshifts.

Source: carcomplaints.

Why Ford and General Motors Teamed Up on Transmissions

Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels. A truck that shifts so firm you can get whiplash.!!? Really, at no extra cost?

10R80 Troubleshooting, Diagnostic Help!

The limp mode thing is not cool, but as for gear changes the more harsh the better. All these lawsuits that snakey lawyers win costs the consumers with higher prices. Just look at health care and prescription costs and thank a lawyer for outrageous costs.

By 70 I should be in 10th gear. On average that is a shift every 7 mph. I wonder why there are problems when it is all computer controlled. This learning program has been around for years and to me it is all marketing hype. I have bad driving habits doing hard acceleration and braking, so how the the learning program change shift patterns, etc?

That thing was always in the right gear, this one has inconsistent hesitation and lethargy, for lack of a better description. Owning two vehicles with this transmission, I can say that the one in my mustang GT acts funny sometimes, but has never been much of an issue, and the same trans in my F 3. Both have drive modes, and both will change behavior dramatically as intended switching between some modes.

I call BS. We have three Ford F trucks… they do this. Ford Service can not ever create the scenario… there for the trucks are still undiagnosed.The desire to increase efficiency out of drivetrains is hardly limited to the design and re-engineering of engine builds, with many transmissions being modified to include additional gearing.

It also changed the game by setting a new precedent when it comes to collaborative partnerships. But regardless of which version has your attention, the speed transmission is likely to find a permanent home outside of just the light-duty vehicles it was initially designed for. GM took lead in the engineering of the Hydramatic 10L90 nine-speed transaxle unit, which was intended for front -or- all-wheel drive models with transversely mounted engines.

Ford took point on the 10R80 ten-speed gearbox, setting their sights on rear -or- four-wheel drive vehicles equipped with longitudinally mounted engines. Conceived with economy in mind, the expectation was that both companies would explore certain economies, thanks to the maximization of parts commonality.

That said, differences arose during the development stage. On the GM side of the proverbial aisle, the ten-speed made its debut in the Chevy Camaro ZL1, with both automakers planning to spread its influence even wider come Despite its relatively wide spread between 1st and 10th gear, the overall span for the speed transmission is hardly the widest out there. In addition, the decision to limit the span ensured that top gear was more easily sustainable during highway driving sessions.

In addition, it ensures smoother shift transitions and better all-over operation in towing scenarios, a primary concern for those behind the wheel.

Operating as overdrive gears, the last three gears serve to improve acceleration, fuel economy and towing performance. Respectively, the ratios for each are. As mentioned above, 10th gear is designed with highway speeds in mind, but the closeness of ratios allows for smooth downshift when required.

Shifting of the speed transmission is facilitated by six clutches, engaging and disengaging in dual-clutch pairings. To prevent any decrease in efficiency, shifts do not require unlocking of the torque converter. And in contrast to conventional two-piece designs, its clutches are regulated by integrated solenoid valves, offering a quicker response. The transmission also offers quicker fill times, with the reduction in hydraulic passage lengths.

Overall, this allows for a smooth launch and climb through the gears, as well as downshifting as needed without any sense of jarring interruption. Noting that the speed replaces a 6-speed transmission in many cases, Ford has made great efforts to minimize its mechanical friction spin losses. The result of these friction-reduction measures is that each of the gears operates more efficiently than those of the transmission that it replaces.

Further efficiencies are found in control of its operating temperature, thanks to an internal thermal bypass. Despite the increase in gearing, the speed transmission gains a modest one-inch in length and four-pounds in weight. With a complete absence of cast-iron components, it utilizes a composite of high-strength steels, aluminum and composite materials.

The internal clutches of the speed transmission are operated by two different hydraulic pumps. The first pump no longer places on the main shaft reflects a reduction in length, and its off-axis design is designed to offer variable displacement, adjusting the pump output as needed.Is it coincidence that the old archrivals are gearing up so to speak to produce a new speed transmission at the same time?

Back inFord and GM jointly announced that they would team up to develop two new automatic transmissions: a 9-speed for front-wheel-drive vehicles, and a speed for rear-wheel drive applications.

These are important components: All other things being equal, 9- and speed transmissions should give better fuel economy and performance than the 6- and 8-speed transmissions they will replace. The new transmissions will help both Ford and GM comply with tightening fuel economy regulations in the U.

That speed automatic is the one that Ford and GM are both now gearing up to produce in their own plants. While each automaker will have their own version of the transmission, with unique software and other proprietary tweaks, the basic units are the same.

Ford and GM are fierce competitors.

10l80 transmission problems

But it makes sense for the two to be "frenemies" sometimes, and transmissions are a great area for cooperation. Modern automatic transmissions like these new speeds are complex, high-tech units that are critically important to how well a vehicle performs and how efficient it can be.

6L80 Transmission, Slips/Revs When Shifting, Disassembly And How To Replace The Clutches

But for the most part, they're not really part of the vehicle's brand identity. Most buyers will never see their car's transmission. But even though Ford and GM designed the new speed units jointly, they'll be able to differentiate them in production.

Modern automatic transmissions have extensive software controls, meaning that each company can tweak their units' behavior to best meet their individual goals.

Many automakers buy transmissions from major auto industry suppliers like Germany's ZF Friedrichshafenwhich supplies a well-regarded 8-speed automatic to many luxury-car makers. The answer is probably one part hard-headed business reasoning, and one part pride. The costs of developing the speed surely weren't small, but they'll be spread over millions of units: It's likely that the new transmission will eventually be used in millions of Ford and GM pickup trucks and SUVs over the next several years, as well as rear-wheel-drive sports cars and sedans.

Given the anticipated production volumes, there was almost certainly a strong business case for developing and building the new transmissions in-house, especially if the costs could be shared with a cross-town rival.


Over the new speed's production lifetime, its almost certainly cheaper than buying comparable units from ZF. By developing their own units, GM and Ford can prioritize the performance and economy attributes that make sense to them -- and perhaps get an edge on rivals that have to use products from suppliers.

Consider this example: GM currently uses an 8-speed automatic that the company developed in-house. It could have purchased the well-regarded ZF unit, but instead it chose to develop a transmission that would shift more quickly than ZF's 8-speed.

Shift time doesn't matter a whole lot in a pickup truck, but it's an important consideration in a sports car like GM's Chevrolet Corvette, which competes with technically advanced rivals like Porsche 's Normally, the costs of developing a unique high-tech transmission for a low-volume model like the Corvette would be prohibitive. But because the transmission is also incorporated into tens of thousands of GM pickup trucks and SUVs every month, the costs of developing a unit that was optimized for the Vette's special needs and also well suited for truck use weren't excessive.

GM global product chief Mark Reuss said in March that the first model to get GM's version of the speed will be the Camaro ZL1, a high-performance version of the sports coupe that will go on sale this fall.The 10L80 transmission is a speed longitudinal automatic transmission that was designed to operate near the efficiency of a CVT while improving fuel economy in GM high-horsepower vehicles highlighted by the Camaro, Suburban, Tahoe, and Escalade.

The 10L80 was a joint engineering effort between GM and Ford. Although the Ford 10R80 and GM 10L80 are very similar there are some differences in software and clutch specifications.

The 10L80 makes use of a triple-clutch assembly to allow it to fit two more gears while beings similar in size and weight to its 8L90 predecessor. The 10L80 transmission is being tested on drag strips near you. Stock clutch failure looks to be a common occurrence for racers looking to break the 9 second quarter mile barrier. Raybestos Powertrain is proud to have been first to market in with the first set of 10R80, 10L80, and 10L90 performance clutches. GPZ friction clutches have proven to handle increased horsepower and have helped produce dozens of under 9 second quarter mile track times in the similar Ford 10R We look forward to the future of 10L80s on the drag strip as we continue to develop new products for even faster track times.

Automotive OEM and aftermarket customers deserve original thinking. We design, manufacture and test our automatic transmission parts with attention to every detail, from concept development to selection of raw materials and final assembly.

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Unfortunately, this is how we pay the bills and our authors. We would love for you to enjoy our content, we've worked hard on providing it. Please whitelist our site in your adblocker, refresh the page, and enjoy! For its part, GM has filed 13 technical service bulletins concerning the unit, none of which remedied the issue.

10l80 transmission problems

So yes, it would have cost GM money. Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels. I rented a C7 with miles on it a few weeks ago in Fla. It had this trans and was showing some of these symptoms described. What an mess. The 8-speed is terrible.

Luckily, my GS has the 7-speed manual, as I would never buy a sports car with an auto. Sure, a DCT is better than a standard auto, but I want to feel the vehicle. I want to call the shots. Throwing levers is what makes driving a sports car fun. Wanting to shift you own gears is nothing out of the ordinary. Most owners are not having issues. The owners with the new fluids are reporting good results. The long and short of this was GM has spent the last couple years trying a number of fixes and finally just has found the issue.

Also the shudder issue us not just a GM issue as other brands and transmission have suffered the same fate. To this point mine shifts great and has been a good transmission, The majority of owners are also like my experience.

There has been a lot of miss information on this topic and the fact GM had no real answer till last winter has been difficult. But the reality is GM never abandoned the customers and they continued to look for a fix and it finally appears to be here. Even the BCM voltage to the shifter has to be adjusted or it will not go into park these days. You mentioned a new transmission fluid from Mobil.

My experience has been though the Colorado and Canyon Forums where the problem has hit a limited number of owners. The First to Second hard shift is another issue. It is normal to a point. From what I have noticed is it is more prevalent when the transmission is cold and if you lift off the gas or are very light on the gas. Under a load it goes away.


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