Ayl soundfit red light

Speakers range from not being able to handle even a drop of water to being able to be fully submerged in water for several minutes. Do you plan to take your speaker outside?

What does a flashing green light mean

To the beach? To the pool? In the shower? Then you definitely need to verify the level of water resistance before purchasing. You can tell the water resistance by the IP rating—the higher the rating, the more resistant the speaker is to the elements.

For reference, the first digit refers to dust protection and the second digit refers to water protection. It reads as: IP Anything higher than IP66 will be dust- and splash-proof, meaning it can handle some contact with water, but cannot be fully submerged or soaked.

Battery life for Bluetooth speakers is measured in milliampere hours mAh. Manufacturers will report the battery life of a speaker in the average number of hours it takes to empty from a full charge. Keep in mind this number is based on medium levels of usage. If you play the speaker on full volume, it will drain the battery faster.

Some specialty features like using the speaker to charge your phone or casting an LED light show will also drain the battery faster. The manufacturer reported number is just an estimateand may be slightly different based on your usage. You may even find Bluetooth speakers that recharge via solar power—great for outdoor use! Anker SoundCore is a very popular option on the lower end of the price range.

Anker SoundCore was released in There are dozens of newer bluetooth speakers on the market. Show newer Bluetooth Speakers. This website displays data from third party public sources. The data presented is for information purposes only. We can't guarantee correctness and completeness of all the data presented here, and therefore will not accept liability for any issues arising from usage of this data. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners.

ReviewFinder is reader-supported - if you click on a link on ReviewFinder and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Anker SoundCore. Show all Images. Sounce: manufacturer website. From Seller:. Show listings Show reviews no data. Consumer Score. Anker SoundCore ranks 42 out of Go to rankings. Read reviews Review Rankings.AYL is a company that makes a variety of products including water resistant lanterns, tactical torches, Bluetooth headphonesand now portable waterproof shower speakers.

It lacks a bit on the bass but is sufficient for the purpose of portability. This should be a standard for any waterproof speaker that would be used for the shower. The speaker can be accidentally dropped in a five feet pool and still survive. But if you want a really waterproof speaker that can be totally submerged in wateryou better look at this one from BassPalor a more high-end speaker like the JBL Flip 5or even the Kinps SoundCircularthat is IPX8-certified.

It is therefore well protected against water and will not fear humid environments such as the bathroom of course, but also the swimming pool or the beach. On the other hand, the AYL speaker is totally shockproof. It will resist small falls on the ground. Wherever you are, be it in the shower, the beach, the pool or the mountain, this speaker will serve you well. It promises to deliver crisp and good sounding bass anywhere and everywhere. Most Bluetooth speakers have a power of only 3W.

You will be able to take it with you everywhere: on walks and bike rides, in the mountains, at the gym, at the swimming pool, on camping trips. Close to home or at the end of the world, always with a great sound quality!

AYL SoundFit Bluetooth Speaker Review

A light in the color of blue flashes when turning on the device. Plugging your speakers to the wall, outlet or USB port will show up a red light indicating that the device is charging. A green light will indicate the device is already full and should be removed from the outlet or USB port. The battery is one of its selling points. On testing, it lasts for about hours, which is not bad considering that you are playing music at a high setting. The AYL speaker comes with Bluetooth 5 technology.

As such, connecting to a variety of devices, such as an iPhone, Android or any Bluetooth enabled device is very easy. Pairing is a no brainer. First make sure your smartphone or tablet is within 10 meters. Press the Bluetooth button on the AYL SoundFit and wait for it to emit a flashing blue light, which means it is in discovery mode.

Your SoundFit is paired. Hear the bass, the piano, the guitar and all the other goodies that you can only hear from a good speaker. Not many speakers can boast to you that you can hear the most hidden, soft and silent music in the background of a song.

Even though it is a budget speaker, its 5W audio is enough for you to hear the minute details of a song, the way it was meant to be heard. There is a little bag included with the speaker. A strap is also available so you can attach or use it on other things such as your bike. It can also be considered as a 3 in 1 speaker because it can do hands-free calling while being connected to two others.

Buttons and switches all have a lifespan. It comes with a three year warranty from date of purchase from the seller. Although, if you read the specifications, the manufacturer seems to be providing a lifetime warranty which is a good sign of trust. So if you love audiobooks, then this is a bad product for you. As usual, it has a range problem.

Even though it says it is rated for 33 ft. Turning on the device also creates a huge noise, which can get annoying really fast.

Getting 4.Read on to learn more. Best Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth 4. The Bluetooth speakers outdoor model can be recharged in just 3 hours with the included Micro USB cable!

Use the water-resistant Bluetooth speaker to stream music from an iPhone or Android smartphone, an iPad or Android tablet, an iPod Touch or even a computer or laptop with Bluetooth.

Not submersible, but should withstand accidental drop in water. Guarantees that it will stay safe in the shower, in the rain, by the pool or on a boat Just make sure if water gets in the speaker, to let it dry out before use! The speaker is green and black in color and it looks virtually the same on both sides except the front has the AYL logo on it. The front and back have metal grills protecting the five watt speaker inside.

Attached to the speaker is a thick heavy duty rubber wrist strap that actually held on by a screw so you could take it off it you wanted to. The volume up and down buttons actually work to skip forward and back tracks too, you need to hold them in for it to activate. On the left side of the speaker thick rubber door that covers over the microUSB charging port and the 3. In the top corner of the front of the speaker is a small LED that lights up blue for Bluetooth and red for charging.

I used the speaker with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Android phone and it worked perfectly fine, I had no problems connecting it over Bluetooth.

The sounds is actually very good for most all music I tried. The speaker can get very loud, I mean very loud and it actually vibrates when the volume is up. I just lowed the volume ever so slightly and it was fine.

Overall the sound is very good. This also means you can take it camping, hiking, bike riding in the rain and still have music while on the go. The speaker is Bluetooth 4. The range you get varies on what types of material are in the way so hypothetically you can get up to 33 feet of range with nothing blocking the signal. The AYL speaker is a great product for outdoor use surely, I can see myself taking it with me camping or hiking with no worries about something happening to it.

So no matter where you day takes you this speaker should survive most any situation. Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review. To learn more about our review policy please visit this page HERE.DWYM is your trusted product review source. Along with our in-house experts, our team analyzes thousands of product reviews from the most trusted websites.

We then create one easy-to-understand score. Learn more. We looked at the top Camping Lanterns and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Camping Lantern you should buy.

For the full ranking, see below. Designed with your safety in mind, this ultra bright lantern guarantees unsurpassed service to provide you with light, clarity and consequently convenience for a wide range of your lighting needs. What are the amazing features of the AYL Starlight lantern? It uses LED bulbs with an output of over lumens, guaranteeing you crystal clarity and overhours of use.

Has 3 lighting modes; these are low, high and flashing strobe. Depending on your needs, you can switch to any of the modes seamlessly by simply cycling the switch button. It comes with a removable convex reflector cap that provides lighting and that can also be removed to allow for more focused lighting.

Has a hook at the bottom that makes it easy to set it up virtually anywhere. It also features a watertight body that is complemented with plastic molding and rubber for maximum water resistance. Why should you buy the AYL Starlight lantern? Its green LED indicator ensures your camp and lantern is always visible and easy to find in the dark. It uses 3D batteries that are not only affordable and easy to find, but also durable.

Comes with a convex reflector that provides comprehensive lighting; it can alternatively be removed to focus light to a single direction. It is reinforced with plastic and rubber molding to prevent water from seeping through.

Different lighting modes for use in varying environments. Camping lanterns are made specifically for the unique needs of outdoor adventurers, with many even having a hook to make them easy to hang on tent poles and other surfaces. The first is just how bright you want your lamp to be.

However, you may want the ability to lower that brightness or switch over to a red light to navigate through your campsite without waking everyone else. Some camping lanterns even come with SOS lights in case you ever find yourself in an emergency situation.

The energy efficiency of LED lights helps quite a bit, but some lanterns also have a setting that allows you to switch to a lower-powered light, preserving the bright light for only when you really need it. This can conserve battery power, with some lamps lasting for 12 hours or more. Durability is another important issue.

Chances are, your lantern will suffer at least an accident or two on your adventures, so finding a rugged lantern is important.

AYL SoundFit Troubleshooting

Whether you plan to take it on water-bound adventures or not, a waterproof lantern can be invaluable. Some lanterns are not only waterproof, but they also float to make it easy to recover if you drop it in a body of water. Coleman is credited with bringing camping lanterns to the world. In the early s, W. That game is believed to be the first nighttime football game held west of the Mississippi.

The lamp, developed in by W. Coleman, used a small pressurized base tank to provide safe, bright illumination at campsites. Look for the DWYM seal for products that are the best in the category. Check Price. What experts liked What makes it so popular is the fact that the battery has a very large capacity.Check to make sure no dust has accumulated in the charging port. User may try cleaning the USB connector on the body of the device. Use of a lens blower is advised. User may try using another similar cable to try charging the device or may order a replacement cable from the AYL SoundFit website.

When holding down power button, device does not turn on no lights blink and no startup sound. If the device is not charged, plug the USB cord into a computer or into a wall adapter and into the device's mini USB port. Any USB wall adapter should suffice.

If you have an electronic device with a charging cord similar to the SoundFit, try using the SoundFit charging cord to charge the other device. If this does not work, the charging cord is faulty and a new one must be purchased in order to charge the SoundFit device.

Plug the SoundFit into a charger that you know works. If it still does not charge, then the battery must be replaced. If the above steps do not work, then the motherboard of the SoundFit device must be replaced. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in settings on desired cell phone.

The cell phone must be within 10 meters of the speaker to connect and remain connected. Be sure that the Bluetooth button on the speaker was pressed and that the device then has a blinking blue light, which signifies that the device is in discover mode. Power both the speaker and the cell phone on and off to reboot systems.

Make sure that the devices are compatible. Make sure both devices have all updates installed. Try connecting to the speaker using a new device by following the first time connection section above. If you are still unable to connect using any device, you may need to replace the motherboard. If trying to connect using Bluetooth, there cannot be anything plugged into the aux port.

Restart the device by turning the device off and then back on with the power button. If restarting the device does not work, user can let the battery drain completely, recharge the device, and restart it. User can let the battery drain completely, recharge the device, and restart it.

If the buttons, such as volume and Bluetooth, will not work, the motherboard may need to be replaced. No sound is heard from the device when attempting to play audio, or the audio does not sound right. Check that the device is powered and charged and that the speaker and phone are not set to low volume. Check that you are connected to device through Bluetooth.ACACIA'S PICKS Sunday December 10DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload 12345678910.

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