Instagram grid layout

Do you want an easier way to curate a stylish and cohesive Instagram profile? Wondering how to see what new images will look like in your profile before you publish? Instagram has always been a visual-first platform. The other benefit of a curated grid is that a consistent color theme or palette can be the thread that connects your posts, even if the content is completely unrelated.

By linking your posts with a color theme or palette, you can cover multiple content types and topics, yet still have a grid that remains connected through visual cues. Pro Tip : Try something different by splitting images across a number of tiles to create impact with your profile. Play with color, tone, and style. Splitting an image into nine tiles can make a strong visual impact, which is ideal for new product launches or highlighting an important announcement. Whether you want to use a grid splitting tool or not, the following grid planning tools will help you map out your individual posts and create a cohesive Instagram profile for optimal impact.

You can use these tools to ensure that your split images will mesh with the rest of your content or simply check that an individual post blends seamlessly with the rest of your content.

Planoly iOS and Android is one of the most popular Instagram grid planning tools due to its intuitive app layout and ease of use. This tool lets you manage and create your hashtagsplan and schedule posts and storiesand access analytics data for your account. The free version has very basic data but as the plan price increases, the data becomes more detailed and comprehensive. It also has a fantastic feature that allows you to split posts directly so no other tools are necessary.

One downside is that the mobile app can be a little slow to upload, and you can only upload 30 images a month with the free version. Cost : Free. Paid plans let you add multiple users, access more analytics data, and upload more than 30 images per month. Create an account and connect your Instagram account. Then tap Split at the bottom of the screen. If the split preview looks okay, tap Upload to add the image now multiple posts to your account. If you need to delete an imagetap the post and then tap the trash icon at the top right.

If you want to move a posttap and hold the image and drag it to swap places with another image. Tap your postadd your captionand tap the Schedule option. In the calendar, select a date and time and tap OK. If everything looks okay, tap Save. If you choose to schedule posts through the app, the order of your posts will change on the grid in Planoly until you schedule all of the other posts. Pro Tip : Create an alternative non-branded account to test content before you post it on your main account page.Looking for some new, creative Instagram grid layouts to inspire your Instagram account makeover?

This is a really helpful layout to try if you like wearing outfits that are all unique and different and may clash if the outfit photos are posted separately. All the colors!!!

You could recreate this creative Instagram layout by being incredibly consistent and dedicated with what colors you feature in your photos and videos.

If you decide to go completely candy-colored be sure to use the hashtag candyminimal in your posts so that you can be found by other color-loving Instagrammers!

Now, these creative Instagram grid layouts are starting to make us hungry and inspired at the same time. What should we call this new feeling?! If you have a physical product like food that you want to photograph and share on Instagram, a really great way to stay consistent is to have one space where you shoot all of your content. Love a certain filter and color scheme? Embrace that vibe and make it your Instagram grid layout!

We are feeling totally inspired by aleksandrazee and her tonal grid… absolutely stunning in our opinion. Check out this blog post to learn the secrets.

If you want to add some visual interest to your outfit photos a good hack is to find a colorful wall with graffiti or some other art. Our last piece of inspiration in this blog celebrating creative Instagram grid layouts is this beautiful account.

If you are an artist with a unique style and a signature color palette, make that the focus of your Instagram grid! Check out this handy dandy blog post! What about you? Be sure to take screenshots and share your Instagram grid before and afters with us over on Instagram. You can find us at plannthat!

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Grid Layouts

Skip to content. Creative Instagram Grid Layouts to Recreate. Antoinette Spear. Instagram Tips. Yes please! Stunning right? Pin Share 1.But, ultimately, what separates people with a few hundred followers from those with thousands, is the Instagram feed. A grid layout helps you think about the overall look of your feed, based on each square on the grid. You can create a consistent layout by carefully planning each square. Do you have no idea what this Instagram grid layout is?

No worries! Read on to find out everything you need to know. Post a photo, one square at a time. Popular Instagram feeds have 1 or 2 prominent colors, while others stick to a consistent filter. This helps your entire feed achieve a consistent look and feel, across every photo you post.

For example, The Minimalist minimaliststyle —a seller of designer-made pieces—posts photos that have a minimalist black and white aesthetic. Through a consistent visual theme, they are able to feature their products in a crisp and clean way.

What are the best colors that describe your or your brand? What is your niche? How will you use Instagram to communicate with your audience?

Most Instagrammers use it by posting a photo, then a quote, followed by a photo and another quote. An important tip is to use a consistent font and background in your quotes. You can use any color as the background, as long as you use it consistently.

This helps you showcase your messages in a neat and pristine way. It also helps your feed achieve a coherent look and feel. Other Instagrammers use the grid by alternating the prominent colors in the photo.

How to Style Your Instagram Grid Layout: 4 Planning Tools

For example, clairejennee alternates between dark and white backgrounds. She posts an image with a black aesthetic, followed by another image with a white aesthetic. The most popular way to use this layout is by narrating a story in every row. It works because as you scroll down the feed, your eyes move from left to right. The trick to pulling this off is sharing a story in every three posts.

The photos per row, must be related to each other in terms of color or visual aesthetic. Personal Journal app personaljournalapp rigorously implements this Instagram grid layout. In one row, there are photos of different objects with the same visual theme, followed by another row with a series of quotes.

Meanwhile, the last row features a series of plants. Another example is Mel Vanderluis mvandersluis. The prominent feature in the first row is green treesfollowed by another row featuring beach photos. The last row showcases images of sunsets with pink and orange hues. It requires more planning, but the end results are worth it.

The trick to pulling it off is to post quotes with a consistent background in the middle of your feed to create the appearance of a vertical line. You can also try to post any image, as long as they have the same visual aesthetic or theme. One example is elskabody— a brand selling non-toxic skin products with all natural ingredients. The middle of her feed features images of framed quotes.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Layout from Instagram: Collage Instagram Photography. Add to Wishlist. Instagram's newest app is a better way to make collages. Layout lets you create one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with your friends.

Choose photos from your gallery—or use the built-in Photo Booth to snap spur-of-the-moment shots—and instantly see them laid out in a cool collage. Pick the layout you like best, then edit it to make it your own. Layout's smooth, intuitive process gives you complete creative control.

Tap to mirror, flip or replace images, hold and drag to swap them, pinch to zoom in or out, or pull the handles to resize. You're the editor, so get creative with the way you stitch things together—you can tell a story, show off an outfit or just splice, dice and change the look of your regular photos to convey a mood or theme. No signup or account required—and no clutter breaking up your flow.

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9 Types of Instagram Grid Layouts (planner + tips)

Boomerang from Instagram. Boomerang from Instagram makes everyday moments fun and unexpected. Video App from Instagram. Sweet Selfie Inc. Grid Photo Maker for Instagram. WrongTurn Apps. Gain more followers by creating beautiful high resolution grids for Instagram.

More by Instagram. Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. Threads from Instagram. A camera app for close friends only.However, once I discovered the concept of Instagram grid layouts I felt like a whole new person!

There are many ways to tile your Instagram posts, some of them are really obvious like this feed by BossBabe.

One of the most popular ones is to post a photo and a quote one after the other like this example. The best way to play this is to narrate a story in three consecutive posts. Your left to right posts should ideally be related to each other to maintain consistency with aesthetics and with the story. It does not have to be the same subject all the time, it could also be the same location or the same mood. To achieve this look, simply pick 3 styles of images and post them consecutively.

This is some serious feed goals, but it also involves a serious amount of creative planning. Your feed could fit photos without having to scroll yet. Why not fill those 12 blocks with tiny bits of split photos. When carefully put together, it would be a total eye-candy. Choose a filter, colour scheme or editing process and stick to it consistently. Over 2M brands already use our all-in-one creation, scheduling and publishing tool for Instagram posts AND stories!

instagram grid layout

The ultimate in perfectionism, adding white borders can give a real sense of calmness. Plann will help you perfect your new Instagram grid layout with our unique drag and drop feature.

Plus, you can edit up to images in advance using our Image Editing Filters. No need for emergency Instagram filtering on the fly, group together your editing style and create a beautifully consistent Instagram Grid Layout!

Christy Laurence is the multi-award-winning Founder of Plann, an app she created after watching hugely talented people around the world give up on making an income from their passion due to lack of marketing help. She has a strong pun game and loves a good chat, connect with her directly at christyladylaurence. Skip to content. Content CreationInspirationPlann Updates. Content Creation Inspiration Plann Updates. Save your sanity, put a structure in place to ensure you can keep your consistency up.

Inc One of the most popular ones is to post a photo and a quote one after the other like this example. We love this example by andrewinla 3. Treat your feed as a puzzle and tell a running story This is some serious feed goals, but it also involves a serious amount of creative planning.

Effortless instagram scheduling.In recent years Instagram has become a primary marketing platform for businesses, to the point where Instagram profiles are as valuable as company websites. Brands, influencers, and creatives need to therefore make sure their Instagram posts look good when placed all together using an Instagram grid planner!

Here are some tips for creating a great Instagram layout and using the Hopper HQ Instagram grid planner…. There are many kinds of Instagram themesbut the one thing they all have in common is consistency. It looks clean, stylish and well-curated.

Using a colour palette theme will require an Instagram grid planner to ensure a seamless transition from post to post. You can either stick to one colour throughout, or use a colour palette to transition through various colours as you scroll! There are many possibilities, and once you decide on a colour scheme you can create content accordingly.

Another way to create a stand out Instagram layout is by placing your photos and videos in white borders or frames to create a pattern. This became a common trend back when Instagram only supported square posts, as a hack to not have to crop your portrait and landscape posts! Now it is simply a thematic decision to make your Instagram feed look more like a photo album or brochure.

Many brands use a variety of content and photography types on Instagram. Another way of utilising the grid to make your profile stand out is to make all 6 or 9 squares an image themselves. Aldi UK are masters of this, with their Instagram profile looking like a never ending table but each post focusing on a specific food item. Remember: if you choose to create an Instagram theme like this, you will always need to post in threes, so that the layout stays in tact. This is when an Instagram grid planner is necessary, as you can line up your posts into the grid theme and make sure the pattern matches up!

At Hopper HQwe built our own Instagram grid planner to help you perfect your Instagram layout at the same time as scheduling your content for the coming weeks! You can drag and drop your posts around to test the best combinations and layouts before they are sent to your Instagram account. For colour matching, or a pattern created by vertical or horizontal lines, the grid planner makes the process of creating a beautiful Instagram feed much quicker and easier.

With Hopper HQ, you can bulk upload up to 50 photos and videos in one go, scheduling them as far in advance as you see fit while ensuring your grid feed remains consistent and striking. We believe this Instagram grid planner is a game changer for social media marketers! Say goodbye to the test Instagram accounts you were using to check for feed cohesion, and visually manage all your content in one place.

InHopper HQ received insider reports of an internal Instagram grid planner feature in beta mode to certain users.

instagram grid layout

We were able to get our hands on exclusive screenshots of how it looked:. Sadly, this feature only seemed to reach testing mode on Instagram, as it was never officially released in an update! This does however show that Instagram are clearly thinking of ways to help brands, influencers, and individuals plan their feed aesthetic and ensure their posts match the content already on their profile. Join 50, others getting the latest social media news, insights and trends every week with Hopper HQ's Trending newsletter.

Email Address Subscribe to Trending now! We wont send you any spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Here are some tips for creating a great Instagram layout and using the Hopper HQ Instagram grid planner… Finding a theme for your Instagram feed aesthetic There are many kinds of Instagram themesbut the one thing they all have in common is consistency.

Poster retailer Desenio stick to a grey colour palette to highlight their product, while hotel comparison site Trivago execute a transitional colour themed feed! Use white borders or frames Another way to create a stand out Instagram layout is by placing your photos and videos in white borders or frames to create a pattern. Zara and Takeawei both utilise white borders to create their Instagram feed themes. Create a grid pattern Many brands use a variety of content and photography types on Instagram.

These are examples of different kinds of grid patterns you can achieve on Instagram!Let me explain: Each square plays an important role in your overall Instagram feed. You can create different Instagram layouts by planning each square. You can use Preview app to create your Instagram grid layout.

With Preview, you can move your posts around to create the feed layout you want. PS: Shout out to our amazing community! The first grid layout is to keep it simple. Just post your photo, each square at a time. The second Instagram grid layout is used by a lot of Instagrammers. It makes your Instagram theme look consistent instantly. You guys loved this trick!

All you have to do is 1 choose a type of photo and 2 choose a color. Then just drag and drop your photos to rearrange them like this:. The most popular way to use this layout is by sharing a photo, then a quote, then a photo, then a quote. It is an easy way to have a consistent Instagram feed. Super easy. Plus, your followers will know exactly what you will post next. If you have just posted a photo.

They are expecting an awesome quote after. Be creative.

instagram grid layout

For example, you can share your new blog post title, an icon like a heartan emoji, a drawing…. It is very beautiful because it looks like you are reading a book … or a magazine. For example, if you are traveling somewhere you could use a line to write about your travel tips, your experience or the name of your destination.

This feed layout is easy to maintain and it is very pretty to look at. The line in the middle of your feed is usually quotes on a white background. But it can be anything you want. This is so cool! It just makes you want to scroll, scroll, scroll! Again, you can get very creative with what you decide to put on each side of your middle photo.

You can keep it simple and just post any image. Or you can be more intentional. How does the text in the middle relate to the images on each side? Just a little something to think about…. This is a pretty cool grid layout too. A rainbow feed is when the color of your feed changes when you scroll.

It requires a little bit more work and planning than the other grid layouts. If you pull it off, your account will definitely stand out. It will look like a rainbow.


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